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07 July 2008 @ 03:02 pm
Has anyone found it hard not to give in to thoughts of the past, and the thoughts of self-loathing that come after that? Does anyone else find that random memories can affect how well they're going to do for the rest of the day eating wise? Does it feed in to your depression and eating disorder, or do they not affect you at all? I'm just curious.
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busysecretsbusysecrets on July 7th, 2008 09:37 pm (UTC)
Sure. Under the category of 'random triggers', remembering something that embarrasses or shames me now will cause a mudslide of self-incrimination and feelings of self-hatred and worthlessness. Since those are the feelings that largely affect how I eat - every one of my triggers gets turned into those feelings eventually - they're the ones I try to avoid. Of course, you can't always do that, so don't feel guilty if you can't.

I'll also note that PTSD can include flashbacks, where you 'relive' a traumatic experience in your head, and those are always triggers for people with EDs.